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If you’re a busy entrepreneur who’s looking to get more stuff done in less time, grab something to take notes with and follow along as we discover lessons from some of the world’s most productive...more

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July 05, 2022

2 dozen entrepreneurs share their best advice

Hear the number 1 quote and take away from every single entrepreneur interview I’ve ever done. If you’re looking for an onslaught of inspiration and actionable words of wisdom, and you only have 30 minutes, this is the episode for you. ...



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June 30, 2022

Never stop fighting with Erick Sanchez

Wet, cold, and being chased by helicopters, Erick shares the harrowing journey of how he clawed his way from illegal immigrant to successful entrepreneur running multiple million dollar businesses. ...



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June 28, 2022

Would you fire yourself?

How well do you represent your company as an employee? Take off your business owner hat and take a good hard look. In this episode, I ask you some tough questions that deserve a thoughtful answer. ...



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June 23, 2022

Run forward, fix as needed with Patrick Grimes

Now a general partner of over $300M in multi-family real estate across 3,000+ units, Patrick, a former high-tech machine design and robotics expert suffered from crippling analysis paralysis for many years...until he saw something that changed his perspective forever. ...



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June 21, 2022

Why don't you just make more money?

A relatively obscure social media post I saw once completely changed how I thought about and treated money. In today's solo, I share how it can help you too. ...



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June 16, 2022

Accountability is a one player game with Sebastian Rusk

Who's missing out because you don't show up? After losing everything in 2008 and starting over, Sebastian realized that everyone has a calling. And we are all "assigned" people who would be recipients of this calling. In this episode, we discuss how to manifest who you truly are and make the biggest impact possible by getting your message out to the world. ...