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If you’re a busy entrepreneur who’s looking to get more stuff done in less time, grab something to take notes with and follow along as we discover lessons from some of the world’s most productive...more

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May 03, 2022

The 3 step relationship checklist

In today's solo, I share a simple 3 step process that will assist you in deciding whether or not to enter any business or personal relationship. If you like check boxes, you'll love this formula. ...



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April 28, 2022

Grit is faith manifested with Dr. Bryan Hawley

In today's episode, you're in for a real treat. Dr. Bryan Hawley and I talk about the difference between faith and grit. Also, he takes us through a "tapping" exercise that helps us "step in" to our ideal selves. You do NOT want to miss this. ...



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April 27, 2022

You will always find a way home

Lost in the desert and left for dead, my mentor John Paul Mendocha learned a lesson that he passed down to me which has changed my entire outlook on life. ...



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April 21, 2022

Making the right connection with Brandon Green

Brandon shares how he caters to a high end clientele with his audio shop, and how one introduction was the key to it all. ...



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April 19, 2022

Mile a day to 10k

My friend Chris decided on January 1st of this year to run a mile a day. In this episode, I'm diving into the simplicity and power of that decision, and how it can lead to tremendous results. ...



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April 14, 2022

Crushing your fear with Michael Power

Michael lost his entire business and family and ended up sleeping on an air mattress in a strip mall for a year because he was too afraid to take the steps needed to be successful. So he decided to flip the script and take control. Tune in to see how he did it. ...