March 16, 2023


Fix pipes, pet dogs with Mitch Smedley

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Josh Thomas
Fix pipes, pet dogs with Mitch Smedley
The Do Zone: business growth and productivity strategies from master entrepreneurs
Fix pipes, pet dogs with Mitch Smedley

Mar 16 2023 | 00:38:48


Show Notes

In a world where tasks come in fast and to-do lists are short, one man takes care of everything as it comes in. Meet Mitch Smedley, as he shares his secrets to success, including his approach to social media marketing, investing in people, and establishing routines. As Mitch shares his journey, we'll learn how to overcome obstacles and run into projects with confidence, approaching them one problem at a time. And as he reminds us, the more value we provide our customers, the more we are worth, and the more we can charge. Join us as we talk about how to take our businesses to the next level in The Do Zone.

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